The Foundation Undertakes:

Achieving the following voluntary work gains:
1- A volunteer certificate upon completing the required volunteering hours annually
2- Professional Certificate for Training Workshops / Certified by Al-Quran Education Foundation.
3- Receive a monthly newsletter for the Foundation’s activities through e-mail.
4- Receive invitations to participate in the Foundation’s activities via e-mail
5- Nomination for the Foundation’s best volunteer award on International Volunteer Day.

The Volunteer Undertakes:

  1. The volunteer agrees not to, directly or indirectly, in any case, disclose, report, publish, disclose, transfer the use of the last of any information acquired at Al-Quran Education Foundation without prior written permission from the organization.
  2. The volunteer will not engage in any business or other activities which are, directly or indirectly, competitive with the business activities of Al-Quran Education Foundation without obtaining prior written consent from the organization.
  3. Participant agrees to work at least 8 volunteering hours per month.