Al-Quran Education Foundation Bahawalpur's main goal is to gain the pleasure of Allah’s
1. To establish an organized and strong system beyond sectarianism for Quranic education
2. To arrange modern education along with Quranic education
3. Dissemination of knowledge related to the Holy Quran
4. Assist and guide other educational institutions in educational matters
5. To train and assist teachers in educational matters by the requirements of modern times
6. To introduce a systematic and integrated way of supervising affairs in schools following modern requirements
7. To provide trained teachers for teaching the Holy Quran in modern educational institutions
8. Necessary educational mentorship of poor and deserving students
9. To guide and take steps to provide a healthy environment for educational institutions
10. To make effort to correct adults’ tajweed of the Holy Quran
11. To encourage students at the national level, arrangement of competition for memorizing and reciting the Quran
12. Trying to create an atmosphere of understanding the Qur'an through sessions
13. To provide necessary medical treatment to the students