Foundation Tajweed Course

Qaida (Foundation) and reading Quran e Pak with Modern Education till Primary Grade 5

Recitation and Memorizaiton of Quran

Memorizaiton of Quran with Modern Education Middle

Qirat and Tajweed

Qirat with Taleem o Tarbiat Course

Quranic & Modern Education up to Matriculation

Education Course for adults – Religious courses

Computer course

Departure of Urdu, English, Arabic Language Course

English Language

Annual 10 days Tajweed Qirat and Imamat Course – (for students studying in other institutions) 10 days education and training course

Tajweed and Qirat for Adults

Commencement of 2 years religious course for Huffaz o Quraa and students aiming to get education up to Matriculation